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Little Music Academy Childcare is an extraordinary place where your children will learn to love music and discover various talents. We offer places for children from 2 to 5 years old, in our warm, homely atmosphere of joy and fun, where your children will be preparing themselves for primary school. At Little Music Academy Childcare a special emphasis is put on individualism, a desire to learn, discovery and creativity, which are so essential for every child. We want to show them the beauty of diversity, which is reflected in the arts. Only in our setting do children have the unique opportunity to participate in special music activities, which involve eurhythmics, vocal sessions, individual piano lessons, dancing, drama and lots more. We also organise musical family events each term, where children will entertain parents, showing what they have learnt since their last performance.


Phone: 07576 501023
39 Uplands Gardens
Bournemouth BH8 9SU