Adam Fornalik

Adam Fornalik, leader and director of Little Music Academy, graduated from Music School in Wroclaw (Poland), completed a 5 year Post-secondary vocational school for organists and in 2004 obtained the first cycle diploma. He also holds Master’s Degree in Management and Economics and gained teaching qualifications to become a music teacher.
Adam’s passion for music started when he was 9 years old. His journey with piano lessons was only a beginning. He decided to become an organist in church and developed his skills in organist school in Wroclaw for next 5 years. Also in meantime he found interest in guitar sounds. So became a professional guitarist too. Adam has great communication skills and enjoys teaching children and adults, he took his first student in 2002 and does his job till now.
Adam teaches piano, organs, classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and ukulele. 

Adam is DBS checked and first aid trained. 

“I am a professional musician and teaching is my passion. I have started playing the instruments when I was little, I had fun and that made my childhood, that is why I would like to share my skills and passion with my pupils so they can enjoy music, as much as I do.” Adam

Olga Czyz

Olga Czyz joined Little Music Academy in 2019. She has graduated from Music School in Poland, learning to play violin. She is valued by our students for her loving and caring attitude towards them.

Olga’s passion is